Welcome to BelowStreetLevel!

Welcome to BelowStreetLevel!

Welcome to BelowStreetLevel! If you haven’t read the About page yet then let me introduce myself. My name is Justin and I am an aspiring writer, web designer, motivational speaker, poker player, and a small business consultant! I’ve got my hands in quite a few cookie jars as you can see. From all these professions I’ve garnered quite the outlook on life and I am here to share that with you.

My writing will be very unorthodox, but hopefully I can manage to be at the very least mildly entertaining. There will be a wide array of topics that discuss and they will most definitely not come in a particular order. I might or might not be bi-polar so you may see some quick and drastic changes in my mood, but that’s a tangent I will avoid at the moment. Just enjoy the stream of consciousness that flows from this Mensa member.

Perhaps you can tell by this point I am not your average individual and I’m perfectly fine with that! I’m on the internet creating a website for almost an entirely┬átherapeutic purpose. I hope putting my thoughts down and reflecting upon my own life experiences will allow me to broaden my own understanding of myself while maybe helping someone else do the same. If I can open just one person’s mind this website will have more than served it’s purpose.

In closing this website is going to serve as my outlet in a way. I will post regularly about all the happenings in my exciting life. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and will join me again as I put my thoughts on display for all the world to see!

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