Killing Spree Strikes Chattanooga

Killing Spree Strikes Chattanooga

In case you haven’t been following the news we just had another crazy 20 something year old go on a killing spree taking the life of four military personnel and a Chattanooga police officer before they fatally ended his rampage. This is a terrible tragedy that has made national news and sparked quite the controversy here in town. The shooters name was Mohammad Abdulazeez and apparently his parents were on the terror watch list. He even joked in his year book that his name causes national security alerts, what does your name do?

He openly practiced Islam, but was not what anyone close to him would consider a radical. There are text messages of him opposing ISIS and calling them a stupid group that is completely against Islam. The people close to him that have been interviewed are more than shocked to learn that he was shooter because of him extremely normal and caring demeanor. That raises a lot of questions…why did this happen, what were his motives, was this just someone snapping or was there a longer more drawn out plan here? Perhaps we will never know, but there are many people speculating.

The FBI has been raiding his relative’s homes trying acquire as much intel as they can to determine if there is a possible future threat and to learn more information about this attack. Was this a suicide mission by a deranged lunatic or was this a carefully orchestrated plan by some influential, but still unknown sources? He was manic depressive and had a history of drug abuse (but so do millions of people that don’t go shooting up military recruitment centers) His parents tried to get him substance abuse treatment and remove the guns from his home, but he refused citing that he was an adult.

This is a gruesome story that leaves us all wondering why…that question may never be answered. Let’s just hope this never happens again (yea…right, this is exactly why everyone should have a concealed carry permit!) If I was there I would have saved a few lives by taking one.


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