Big Fluffy Dogs Rescue- Nashville, TN

Big Fluffy Dogs Rescue- Nashville, TN

I am a Tennessee native, I have lived her most all of my life and am a big fan of some of the organizations that got their start in Tennessee.  With the harsh news coming out of our region from the shooting events recently in Chattanooga and the rough weather we have all been facing, I thought I would make a post today about something more uplifting and engaging for really anyone.  Because, after all, who doesn’t love a great pet story, with a happy ending?  About two years ago, my girlfriend and I were looking for a dog as an addition to our growing fur family.  We already owned two cats and were ready to give them some company, hopefully a protector and friend, as well.  I have owned pets before, but had always found them at pet stores, or got them when friend’s dogs had litters and needed a place for them to go.   This time I wanted to do things differently, I wanted to support local rescue groups that fill a great need in the community helping dogs find “forever homes” who would otherwise not have a home and end up euthanized in shelters.  Dogs don’t have to have behavior or health problems to end up in rescue organizations.  They often come from people who are moving, and can’t take their dogs with them or from people who no longer have the time to devote to caring for their adorable pooches.  Dogs of all kinds find there way to these places, but all are cared for in foster homes until they are able to find a home.

Big Fluffy Dogs Rescue in Nashville, Tennessee is the rescue group I decided to go through, because it was give a top rating for non-profit organizations in Tennessee in 2015.  Now, it should be noted that we were hoping to find a large dog, as we have plenty of yard for it to run around in, and I have always loved the protection that larger breeds are able to offer.  The website states they specialize in mixed breed, giant dogs.  Perfect for us, because the animal would be in need of a home and also be larger in size.  Some of the more popular breeds they rehome are Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernards, and Newfoundlands.  The group has volunteers who travel back and forth from the New England area of Northeastern American and bring dogs back to Tennessee who are in desperate need of a home.  You may not realize it, but states like New Jersey and New York have a much larger problem with homeless dogs and overflowing shelters.  Other states in America are able to travel there and enlarge the area these dogs can be rehomed in.

I thought you might like a little information about how we ended up bringing Cocoa home with us, a giant white Newfoundland mix.  The adoptions that take place through Big Fluffy Dogs are on based on the best fit of a home for the dog and the owner.  Sometimes more than one outstanding offer will come in for the same dog.  In that instance, we choose the applicant who met the necessary conditions first.  So, first in line is how we will choose, in that instance.  Before the dogs are taken home, they are housed in a foster home either in Tennessee or in several states in New England.  Cocoa was already half way to us, being housed in Tennessee, and although we never got to meet the foster parent, we are so thankful to him or her because Cocoa came home full of energy, vitality, and happiness, she was obviously well taken care of!  My girlfriend and I had to go through a thorough inspection of ourselves, personally, and then our home, to make sure the dog was going somewhere safe and loving to live the rest of her life.

This process, while better than choosing an animal from a shelter also comes with a cost.  For Cocoa we paid $500 because she is over six months old.  Puppies, those dogs under six months of age are $600 to adopt.  This was not a fee we had a problem paying because it went to cover any vet costs, pull fees from animal control facilities and shelters, any grooming fees, screening for diseases, and all vaccinations.  Some of the money goes to the company that transports the dog, and also for boarding, ID tags, and collars.  There is a cost involved in this process, but the outcome is well worth the effort we put into bringing Cocoa home, she’s a true part of our family now, and keeps us on our toes taking care of her.  She brings a level of happiness to the family we didn’t have before, a cheerful bundle of fur we are forever thankful for.

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