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  • Severe Weather Shreds Chattanooga This Summer

    We’ve been getting hit HARD the last few weeks with a crazy amount of severe weather. Thunderstorms, gale force winds, and lighting that’s been striking the ground like crazy. While the water was much needed to dispel the awful heat, the enormous amount of bugs, and the gross amounts of pollen that populate our area, we could all do without the damage that’s been caused. Power outages and destroyed homes and vehicles are among some of the casualties.

    This brings me to the topic of this post….tree care. Many homeowners do not properly care for their landscapes until it’s too late. With some proper maintenance around your yard you can save yourself a lot of time and money for when bad weather and high winds decide to strike your area. There are hundreds of landscape and tree care companies in the Chattanooga area, but I want to point out the very best one. After all this is a blog about information that is hard to find and if you’ve ever tried to get tree service in this area you will know what I’m talking about. We’re overrun with overpriced services trying to charge an arm, a leg, and a vital organ just to remove a dead organism from your land. Fortunately for you (and unfortunately for me) I’ve had a lot of experience in this arena and can provide you with some guiding light.

    For starters you’ll want to stay away from anyone who’s advertising their tree care services on craigslist. There is a reason they don’t have a website and it’s not because they don’t have a computer! More often than not you’re going to end up with some crack head at your house with a dull chainsaw from his shed and some non load-bearing rope and half a clue. Start by doing a yahoo or google search for the tree service closest to you. Look at their websites and see who spent money having theirs developed and who did theirs them-self. You can tell a lot about a company by their online presence. I could delve further into explaining how to utilize those unlimited search engine searches that come with your internet connection, but hopefully you’ve got that part down.

    What I want to do is recommend my top choice for tree service in the Chattanooga area. I’ve personally used Chattanooga Tree Care on many occasions and have always been beyond pleased with the quality and price of their services. Their owner is a really good guy and does everything at a fair price with no hidden fees. Him and his team have over 10 years experience and are some of the best and fastest in the business. He’s removed a large damaged tree from my yard in only a few hours and never leaves a mess behind. In fact you can’t even tell there was damage or a tree service was even there. Tell them BelowStreetLevel referred you!

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  • Killing Spree Strikes Chattanooga

    In case you haven’t been following the news we just had another crazy 20 something year old go on a killing spree taking the life of four military personnel and a Chattanooga police officer before they fatally ended his rampage. This is a terrible tragedy that has made national news and sparked quite the controversy here in town. The shooters name was Mohammad Abdulazeez and apparently his parents were on the terror watch list. He even joked in his year book that his name causes national security alerts, what does your name do?

    He openly practiced Islam, but was not what anyone close to him would consider a radical. There are text messages of him opposing ISIS and calling them a stupid group that is completely against Islam. The people close to him that have been interviewed are more than shocked to learn that he was shooter because of him extremely normal and caring demeanor. That raises a lot of questions…why did this happen, what were his motives, was this just someone snapping or was there a longer more drawn out plan here? Perhaps we will never know, but there are many people speculating.

    The FBI has been raiding his relative’s homes trying acquire as much intel as they can to determine if there is a possible future threat and to learn more information about this attack. Was this a suicide mission by a deranged lunatic or was this a carefully orchestrated plan by some influential, but still unknown sources? He was manic depressive and had a history of drug abuse (but so do millions of people that don’t go shooting up military recruitment centers) His parents tried to get him substance abuse treatment and remove the guns from his home, but he refused citing that he was an adult.

    This is a gruesome story that leaves us all wondering why…that question may never be answered. Let’s just hope this never happens again (yea…right, this is exactly why everyone should have a concealed carry permit!) If I was there I would have saved a few lives by taking one.