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  • In the spirit of the name…

    I acquired this domain by a stroke of luck and I am very happy I did. I could go on and on about the reasons I love this domain, but the best part is obviously the name. There are many meanings that can be had from the phrase below street level, but with my first post I shall take the name literally!

    This is going to be a story about what not to do when purchasing a car! I’ve gone through at least 10 used vehicles in my life and have learned many hard lessons, but there is one that sticks out that I feel many could learn from. Do not buy a high mileage luxury car because you think it’s cool!

    I was yoAudiA4ung and dumb and went and looked at an 11 year old Audi with 190k miles. I knew very little about cars, but I knew that this car was cool! It was top of line, all-wheel drive, turbo’d, Bose system, leather, power everything, etc! I was sold the minute I saw it.

    I took it for a test drive and knew from the beginning that it felt under powered, but shrugged it off as it just being a 4 cylinder and the gas mileage would benefit me. I also heard a slight rattle coming from the engine bay, but didn’t think much of it. (These were my biggest mistakes in hindsight) If it’s making a noise it shouldn’t something is probably wrong!

    After the test drive I made a cash offer and the car was mine! I was ecstatic to have my new budget baller ride. The happiness quickly faded over the next few months. The cars problems began to become more apparent especially after the abuse I put it through. Once it was obvious something was wrong I scheduled an appointment with the local Audi stealership to get a diagnosis since my normal mechanic hadn’t a clue how to deal with this car.

    I dropped the car off to be diagnosed with the hope that it was something relatively simple to fix. I couldn’t have been more wrong. They called me to ask if they should start the repairs and rattled off an enormous list of problems that total over $8000 in repairs! Needless to say I went and picked up my clunker without getting the repairs done.

    At this point the car was drive able, just slightly under powered. Being the wise kid I was I continued to drive this car around…I guess I was going to drive it till the wheels fell off. They wouldn’t be given the chance as the engine decided to step up to the plate.

    On my way home from work after midnight I go to make a right hand turn at a stop light and BAM! Something snapped and my car lost all power. I was stranded in the middle of the intersection with no way to move my car. This is the culmination of all of my wonderful decision making trying to have a cool car!

    Fortunately my now good friends from Chattanooga Towing were able to get their tow truck to me in just minutes. I was only a few miles from home and they took me and my lemon and dropped of us on the doorstep. They only charged me $50 when the standard around here is $125. I’d highly recommend them if you ever buy a piece of shit in this area!

    With my now lifeless car sitting in the driveway I figured I had to cut my losses and sell it as it sits. I sure as hell didn’t have the money to get it running or the know how to do it myself. I ended up selling it to some redneck for $700 who thought he could get it running with some tools from Walmart. He paid me for the car and worked on it for hours and said he’d be back tomorrow.

    I was afraid that this guy had bought my car was going to use my driveway as his personal mechanic shop while he got it running. That wasn’t about to happen…I was going to let him know the car needed to be gone by the end of the day. He showed up early in the morning with a new tool from walmart and in less than 10 minutes had the car running/driving! Apparently it was a $40 fix to get the engine to run (still under powered, but he just got a $700 fully loaded running and driving Audi!)

    That was a very painful lesson to learn for many reasons, but the most painful is that I am currently without a car for over 2 years because of this. I accept full responsibility for my awful decisions and I hope I can make one of you think twice before buying that 10+ year old beamer!

    Buy a honda from a grandma,


  • Welcome to BelowStreetLevel!

    Welcome to BelowStreetLevel! If you haven’t read the About page yet then let me introduce myself. My name is Justin and I am an aspiring writer, web designer, motivational speaker, poker player, and a small business consultant! I’ve got my hands in quite a few cookie jars as you can see. From all these professions I’ve garnered quite the outlook on life and I am here to share that with you.

    My writing will be very unorthodox, but hopefully I can manage to be at the very least mildly entertaining. There will be a wide array of topics that discuss and they will most definitely not come in a particular order. I might or might not be bi-polar so you may see some quick and drastic changes in my mood, but that’s a tangent I will avoid at the moment. Just enjoy the stream of consciousness that flows from this Mensa member.

    Perhaps you can tell by this point I am not your average individual and I’m perfectly fine with that! I’m on the internet creating a website for almost an entirely therapeutic purpose. I hope putting my thoughts down and reflecting upon my own life experiences will allow me to broaden my own understanding of myself while maybe helping someone else do the same. If I can open just one person’s mind this website will have more than served it’s purpose.

    In closing this website is going to serve as my outlet in a way. I will post regularly about all the happenings in my exciting life. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and will join me again as I put my thoughts on display for all the world to see!

    Thanks for visiting BelowStreetLevel,